Very experienced and knowledgeable

We have had a great experience working with Derek and Mark from Toronjo & Prosser Law. They are very experienced and knowledgeable about any matters related to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. They also have answered most of our innumerous questions with clarity and in a timely manner. Our first call with Derek was extremely informative and it was crucial in pointing us towards what would be best for us in view of our circumstances. I highly recommend their services and firm to anyone considering filing for bankruptcy.

The best decision we made in our life

Derek is the best attorney  you can find here in the Dallas Fort  Worth  metroplex and in fact in the USA when it comes to bankruptcy

He has the expertise , the knowledge..  honest , very straightforward  and our initial consultation that was free calmed us down  as we were in a very  frightening stress situation with credit card debts that piled and with  junk debt collectors after us with harassing calls at home , at my wife’s work and even pasting lawsuits at our neighbours residences  .  It was scary and also embarrassing as well. They were like sharks on us .

We are a family who had excellent credit and paid all our  bills on time but due to life’s unavoidable  situation ..losing my job we couldn’t pay our credit cards and even after talking with the numerous junk debt collectors who were after us and  were trying to drag us to court for even low amounts .

We panicked and did not know what to do .. we looked at the reviews of all the bankruptcy attorneys and trusted our choice and emailed Derek .

That was the best decision we made in our life.

It  was a weekend evening and he called us promptly back . I felt like talking to an elder brother in a dire situation .  He calmed us , assured us not to worry and he had done thousands of similar cases and gave us a checklist the same night  that was simple and easy to do and us being not that tech savvy was easy for us .

He guided us and during the checklist even when we made an honest mistake he was patient and corrected us.

The best part is he replies to emails promptly any time of the day and there is no one like him

He guided and made the whole process easy  and we are thankful to God that we found Derek and we never looked for any other lawyers or consulted anyone. We straight picked him from all the reviews we saw  and now just yesterday in weeks time we  filed bankruptcy .

Thank you so much  Derek from the bottom of my heart .

Just call him

I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect while I was looking for a bankruptcy lawyer. I found Derek Prosser by pure chance and couldn’t have gotten luckier. Honestly, if you’re in the market for an attorney to handle your debt issues, just call him. I guarantee you’ll work with him once you’ve had that conversation. Fees were more than reasonable…

Derek was the best

One the best experiences even though it is a traumatic event in my life. Derek was the best, he listened to my concerns, answered my questions with patience and understanding. It was so easy to work thru the process. I will work with this law office for all my needs. If you are searching for a good…

They are awesome

I can’t be more pleased with the outcome of the services that were rendered. They were very attentive and professional with ensuring that my needs were met. I am highly recommending them if you are in a need of an awesome Law Firm. They are awesome.

This is a test review


Derek and his firm helped me through the most difficult time in my life. Having gone through a divorce, unforeseen job changes, and other life emergencies I was faced with bankruptcy. I will forever appreciate their expertise, timely service and empathy. They walked me through the process, and delivered the best possible result. Now I can restart my life on a very fresh and good note. Derek’s firm is the first team I would recommend to anyone staring at bankruptcy. As a matter of fact, I would go to Derek for any legal advice and possibly service in other legal areas in the future.

Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy decision to make. The easiest part was having Mark Toronjo, and his partner Derek Prosser handle it for me. Mark immediately put my mind at ease after I first spoke with him. He thoroughly explained the process to me, and the steps needed to get the process going. With his guidance, I provide the necessary information, did the required classes, and had my hearing. I was actually surprised how easy and relatively stress free of an experience it was!  I would highly recommend Mark and Derek. Their knowledge, professionalism and friendliness can’t be beat!

My wife and I recently found ourselves in a most difficult and unexpected situation, unable to meet our financial obligations. Having very little experience with attorneys, we decided to trust the reviews and thereby chose to seek help from the firm of Toronjo and Prosser. I will say this without equivocation – the 5-star reviews are all well-deserved. Derek Prosser and Mark Toronjo are both extremely competent, smart, well-spoken, clear in their instructions, and extraordinarily adept at dealing with the intricacies of bankruptcy. Should you be so unfortunate as to find yourself in similar circumstances; there is no better place to seek help than from these two men.

I contacted Derek and Toronjo & Prosser Law to discuss some tax issues I was dealing with on some past due obligations.  My CPA suggested that the old taxes might be dischargeable in bankruptcy, but I wasn’t sure.  I talked with Derek and he walked me through the elements of eliminating those taxes and we moved forward with a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  We received a chapter 7 discharge, and sure enough, the IRS confirmed that the chapter 7 wiped out over $200,000 in past due taxes.  This has put us in a much better financial position.

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